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Searle, Frederick A. | Edwardes, E. (ed.): Sketches of Tivoli, the ancient Tibur and its Neighborhood. By the late F. A. Searle of St. Antonio Tivoli. [Title on front cover:] Tibur Superbum.


Rome, Victoria Printing Press, 1906. 8vo. viii + 136 pp. + 7 plates + errata-slip. With index.

Publisher’s cloth gilt, very fine. Bookplate: Stig Wernlund.


Contents: ”History of Tivoli”, ”Tombs of Tibur”, ”Temples of Hercules at Tibur”, ”List of Emperors”, ”Horace at Tibur”, ”Dates of Horace’s works”, ”Villa of Catullus”, ”Villa of Hadrian”.

Frederick Searle, an Englishman recently returned from the West Indies, bought the old monastery of Sant’Antonio near Tivoli in 1878. The house was built over a Roman villa, believed to have belonged to the poet Horace. The walls of a Roman villa, from about 60 BC survive up to the middle floor of the present house, itself begun in about 850. The final additions were made ‘as late’ as the 17th century. It was abandoned around 1870 and rescued by the Searles, who spent many years repairing it.

Sketches of Tivoli, the ancient Tibur, 1906

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